The common goal is the advancement of women’s health and welfare, through tackling the most burdensome crisis facing the female population, such as cervical cancer.

The world’s No.1 Korean medical technology boom in Vietnam

2021-03-12 09:13

Telecervicography which is selected as the world-class product of Korea is one of cervical cancer screening methods.
50 times enlarged images of Cervix is being taken and evaluated by certified evaluators.
NTL developed Telecervicography from cervicography which is analog version of Telecervicography and Mr. Shin, the chairman of NTL was invited for a seminar at Cervical cancer conference held in Dalat, Vietnam. More than 400 physicians and Vice-minister of Health attended the conference.

In conference, Mr. Shin said " Telecervicography uses the optimal imaging system for cervical cancer screening which show sensitivity of 92% and when it is combined with Pap smear, its sensitivity goes up to 98%".

Telecervicography is the World's first cervical cancer screening system using telemedicine and hence less evaluation time required and not confined to areas.

The Royal central hospital in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi also set up this Telecervicography system and train physicians how to use Telecervicography system.

Mr. shin said the certificate and license of Telecervicography evaluator is provided by NTL and Korean Telecervicography Research Group and there are two exams to acquire the license.

It is not only Vietnam interested in Telecervicography system but also India, Iran, Bangladesh, Republic of Czech etc.
The Korean-medical boom is expected to spread through the World.