Save from the Cervical Cancer

The only morphological test for cervical cancer screening
Check your cervix health with CerviCARE® SYSTEM

What we do?

We are very keen to developing cervical cancer screening system.


Build Dr. Cervicam series 
based on medical technology


Evaluate the examination


System that reads
the requested examination


Optimized equipment
with good cervix image quality


The first place to explain
and examine the patients


Solve solution
and develop AI system

What does Cervico do?

Simple Procedure

Cervicography needs 1 minute to finish the examination.
Test results are shown within 24hrs after request.

High Sensitivity

According to 2019 European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cervicography,
the test only with Cervicography has 94.1% sensitivity.
The excellence of the Cervicography has already been proven through many clinical references.

No limitation

With WiFi, Cervicography has no issues of geographical accessibility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) System

With deep learning algorithm, TeleCervico system gives
Positive or Negative results and morphological features right away.

Zero Waste

With Cervicography, there are no medical waste or single paper.
It’s ECO Friendly test among the other cervical cancer screening tests.

Quality Control

Between Cervicography evaluators, there is a randomized result Quality Control function for accuracy.

We are NTL

We are very keen to developing cervical cancer screening system.
Our field is Obstetrics & Gynecology since 1996.
In accordance with our core value point, we would never hesitate
to make contribution on human health and society
as cultivating creative and talented people, and finally be
the medical company which constantly endeavors
for the improvement of public’s health and medical advance
in screening test market.

Big Data


Business Experience


Market share in Korea

Women examination per year

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