The common goal is the advancement of women’s health and welfare, through tackling the most burdensome crisis facing the female population, such as cervical cancer.

NTL Healthcare Signs a JILL'SOF™ Exclusive Distributor Agreement with Huons Medical

2021-06-03 03:35
NTL Healthcare, a company specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, has tied up with Huons Medical.

NTL Healthcare Co., Ltd. (CEO Taehee Kim), a company specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, announced that it had signed a business agreement with Huons Medical Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Seung-yong) on the exclusive distribution rights of JILL'SOF™ and V-Needle™ in Korea.

Through this agreement, NTL Healthcare has been able to exclusively distribute Huons Medical's JILL'SOF™ and is operating for obstetrics and gynecology hospitals and clinics nationwide.

JILL'SOF™ and V-Needle™ are women-only medical devices developed to inject drugs into the affected part of the vagina, while JILL'SOF™ is equipped with automatic pressure-sensing injection system and specialized hardware for intravascular procedures. In addition, it is possible to set the drug injection amount and injection speed, so that a customized treatment for each patient is possible. The V-Needle™ is a special needle for JILL'SOF™ designed to allow for more accurate and faster drug injection into the affected area.

Through this business alliance, which combines Huons Medical's technology with NTL Healthcare's obstetrics and gynecology network, it is expected that the speed of the spread of JILL'SOF™ will gain momentum.

Kim Tae-hee, CEO of NTL Healthcare said, “I think JILL'SOF™ and V-Needle™ will be of great help in reducing the discomfort of women suffering from vaginal dryness and dyspareunia and improving their quality of life.”

Meanwhile, NTL Healthcare is the first company to introduce ‘Telecervico(cervical magnification screening system)’ in Korea in 1996, and recently developed 'CerviCare AI', an artificial intelligence (AI) imaging screening system that learned about 6 million cases of cervical cancer image big data. In addition to cervical cancer, NTL also provides a variety of screening services, including women's cancer screening, and plans to continue to develop and supply new products that can improve women's diseases.