The common goal is the advancement of women’s health and welfare, through tackling the most burdensome crisis facing the female population, such as cervical cancer.

NTL, Holds 25th Anniversary Event

2021-05-10 05:05
NTL celebrated its 25th anniversary.

NTL, a company specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, announced that it held a founding ceremony for executives and employees in the company to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation.

The event, in which more than 100 executives and employees participated, was held in a way that minimized face-to-face meetings to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and social distance.

Starting with the screening of the 25th anniversary video and commemorative video, the event was held in the order of long-term service awards and commendations from exemplary employees and excellent departments in the first quarter.

Celebratory videos and commemorative videos were filmed by employees themselves, and contain the history and celebrations of NTL, which celebrated its 25th anniversary. A total of five people, including two 10-year employees, received the long-term service award. The executives and employees were given refreshment leave and rewards according to the number of years they worked. The exemplary employees were selected as other exemplary employees and received certificates and rewards, and the excellent team was selected as the marketing team that demonstrated smooth cooperation with other departments and exceptional ability to perform their work.

Shin Hyeon-soo, president of the NTL Medical Institute, said, “New paths that others have not taken are always tough and difficult. I think NTL is here now because we walked on a rough road without hesitation. We can’t all meet and enjoy the event through Covid-19, but I am happy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our foundation with you in non-face-to-face manner.”

Meanwhile, NTL Healthcare is the first company in Korea that introduced enlarged cervix imaging screening test in 1997, and recently developed “CerviCARE AI,” an artificial intelligence (AI) imaging system that learns big data on more than 6 million cervical cancer images. In addition to cervical cancer, NTL provides various screening services such as screening for women's cancer and plans to continue to develop and supply new products that can improve women's diseases.