The common goal is the advancement of women’s health and welfare, through tackling the most burdensome crisis facing the female population, such as cervical cancer.

Korean Telecervicography Research Group stick to: strict requirement for certification

2021-03-12 09:20
The age group of cervical cancer incidence has been dropped recently that increasing interest towards cervical cancer screening has been shown among women.
In Korea, free Pap smear test is being provided for women aged above 30 by Government.
However it is well known that Pap smear has unsatisfied accuracy.

To compliment low accuracy rate of Pap smear, morphological screening method, Telecervicography has been developed in Wisconsin medical school in USA and its sensitivity was concluded as 94.1% by NCI.

Telecervicography takes enlarged images of cervix after reaction with 5% acetic acid application and transfer the images to certified evaluators to evaluate the current status of requested cervix images. Telecervicography is widely being used by university hospitals and local hospitals and clinics.

Evaluation of Telecervicography only can be done by certified Telecervicography evaluators who passed strict two exams by Wisconsin medical school and met criteria.

Korean Telecervicography Research Group consists of more than 30 certified Telecervicography evaluators from prestigious university hospitals. This year, 4 Gyneoncologists(Dr. Byung-gi Kim from Samsung medical center, Dr. Woong ju from Ehwa university hospital, Dr. Byung-ryun Kim from Wongwang university hospital and Dr. Dae-gi Hong from Kyung-buk university hospital) have acquired Telecervicography evaluator certification.

Unlike other cancers, cervical cancer has no significant symptoms and have slow progress period that it is preventable and treatable if detected early by accurate cervical cancer screening. Korean Telecervicography Research Group highly recommend combined test of Pap smear and Telecervicography.