Who We Help

Our clients are individual obstetricians/gynecologists,
medical device/service providers, and non-governmental organizations (NGO), and national organizations.


Obstetrics and Gynecology Practitioners
Professional Assistance

The frontline professionals of obstetrics and gynecology need reliable cervical health screening technique on their hands, other than cytology and HPV test.
We are proud to announce that our latest Cervicography device, Dr. Cervicam C20®, can help provide just that.


Local Medical Device Distributors
International Distribution Partnerships

We believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships and look forward to share our success story from South Korea; more than 70% of all obstetricians and gynecologists in South Korea use our device.
We are partnering with these local medical device distributors, interested in replicating our success with our cervicography device, Dr. Cervicam® series.


Local Medical Service Providers
International Medical Service Partnerships

Since partaking in the cervical cancer initiative of South Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare, our company has accumulated specialized knowledge related to cervical cancer screening for 25 years.
We are now searching for local medical service providers, so that our knowledge can be passed on and that our triumph over cervical cancer can be reverberated throughout the greater parts of the world.


NGO/National Organizations
Social Impact

We partner with organizations that are tackling one of the most difficult challenges the global female population faces today.
We believe in the power of cooperation to accelerate progress for the greater good of society.
That is why we are actively seeking partnerships with local governments and social entrepreneurs to give them highly relevant knowledge that will help them vanquish the cervical health problems.